dream ~ believe ~ create ~ inspire

Jim and Lynn Snell have been encouraging our customers, since 1995, to promote the “slow making” and “slow textile” movement that reconnects us to the source of the fibers we wear and use in our homes. This is similar to the farm-to-fork, “slow food” movement, that reconnects us to our food.

Many people these days, desire to know where their products come from, how it’s made, but most importantly, they are looking for a comfort level in how you treat both animals and land, resulting in a superior product.

We are both artisans,  Jim,  a master spinner and wood craftsman, creates the beautiful yarns used in all of our products. His attention to detail shows in his crafting of our Whimsical Creatures made from wood and wool.  Watch for more of his unique items to up added to our store. 
Lynn is more of a color person and does all the washing and dying of the fibers we use in all of our products. Her whimsical ways of thinking keeps her pushing the envelope to see if "things will work".  She also enjoys creating patterns, videos and also helps for people to DIY.

We hope you will enjoy your romp around our store. Visit our main company Spinderellas Creations www.spinderellas.com to see where and how things are created. We hope to inspire your creativity! 

At Spinderellas Creations our goal is to create wonderful things to keep you dreaming, believing, inspired and possibly to create beautiful things yourself.

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